This weekend’s demonstration in Madagascar was peaceful

As Andry Rajoelina was at the UN headquarters mingling with Ban Ki-Moon and other high profiles, a few thousand people, led by radio host Lalatiana Rakotondrazafy, took it to the street. The purpose of the demonstration? Freedom of speech! Lalatiana Rakotondrazafy critizes the actual transitional government for being too harsh on its people, and for suppressing the people’s right to march down the streets and yell freedom messages.

A Flickr user, avylavitra (twitter), has snapped some pics and uploaded them online. From what I see from the tens of pages of pics uploaded, there doesn’t seem to be any police violence at all: The only tear gas picture we see do not seem to target anyone:

Mother and child walking through the police

Young lady chatting with the police

Crowd, but no violence

Place publique, no violence either

The only smoke-related picture, where there doesn’t seeem to be anyone targeted

Two watchers from the SADC, looking for non-existing evidences

Notice the irony:

Here we have a demonstrator pretending to be tied and unable to do his job

Here’s a colleague of his actually doing his job

There seems to be a dissonance there: we keep reading about demonstrations in Madagascar these past few weeks, with all critics directed towards the transitional government. However, all seems pretty normal when you look at the pics…


Top 30 twitter handles to follow Madagascar news

A list of top 10 twitter pages and sites to follow current and accurate Madagascar social, economical and political news (in no particular order):

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2. Tananews @tananews
L’actualité 24/24 à Madagascar

3. Jeune Africa@jeune_afrique
Hebdomadaire de référence sur l’Afrique (politique, économie, culture, sport).

4. L’Express de Mada@LExpressMada
#LExpressMada est le compte officiel du quotidien #malgache

5. AllAfrica Français@allafricafrench

6. Madagascar Tribune@madatribune

7. Madagascar News Mix@madagascarnewsM
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8. Indian Ocean News @IndianOceanNews
The Indian Ocean Newsletter covers the political and economic news of African countries in the Indian Ocean region without compromise

9. News Mada Les Actus@newsmada
Les actus de Madagascar en continu.

10. Madatsara@madatsara
Portail d’informations sur Madagascar et les Malgaches.

11. Ambafrance Mada@Ambafrmada
Ambassade de France à Madagascar. Les tweets personnels de Jean-Marc Châtaigner

12. Faly Fa Malagasy@falyfamalagasy

13. Elbogany- @elbogany

14. Jean-Marc Châtaigner- @Jmchataigner
Ambassadeur de France à Madagascar (tous mes tweets sont personnels et ne reflètent aucune position officielle)

15. Mada Activist- @madaactivist
Malagasy citizen living in Tbilisi, Anarchist and Activist

16. John Uniack Davis@johnuniackdavis

17. US Embassy Madagascar @USMadagascar
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18. Lova Rakotomalala@Irakoto
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19. AngloMalagasySociety@AngloMalagasy
Promoting links between Madagascar & the UK. Founded in 1961, the Anglo-Malagasy Society holds regular Madagascar-themed talks & events in London.

20. Erika Cologon Hajaji- @erikangady
Journaliste & Concepts TV Mes twits n’engagent à rien 😉

21. Andry Rajoelina @andryrajoelina
Président de la Haute Autorité de Transition de Madagascar et ancien maire d’Antananarivo | Compte officiel!

22. Thierry Andriamirado @tandriamirado
From Madagascar, IT Project Manager, Social Media, Linux since 1995, Web devel. (Joomla, Drupal etc..), Android, Electric Guitar

23. Marc Ravalomanana- @ravalomanana
ex- President de la république de Madagascar

24. Jeannot Charles @rovamanga

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26. GTT Madagascar- @GTTmada

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