Isabel Dos Santos is richest woman in Africa

Isabel Dos SantosAngola’s president Dos Santos is famous for being the president of his country for over 30 years. He is also famous for the wealth he has developed over the years by being a board member of all the major companies of his country, mainly those that handle the country’s natural resources such as petrolium and diamonds. Now president Dos Santos will be also knownn to be the father of Africa’s richest woman, Isabel Dos Santos.

Born on April 1st, 1973, 40-year-old Isabel Dos Santos has just been named by Forbes Africa’s richest woman. She started building up her wealth thanks to her dad, who gave her stakes in the country’s main public companies. Then one day, she started building her own business, buying shares in portuguese companies. Her husband, Sindika Dokolo, is also the son of a wealthy man who founded his own bank.

While Forbes doesn’t give out the exact amount of Isabel Dos Santos’ wealth, it lists the companies in which the “princess” of Angola bought shares:

  • ZON Multimedia, Portugal largest cable TV provider, 28,8%
  • Banco BPI, Portugal largest traded banks, 25%
  • Unitel, Angola’s largest mobile network, 25%

Forbes also mentions that the Dos Santos family’s wealth comes from the obscure business of oil in Angola. Since the end of Angola’s civil war, the price of angolan oil has boosted, and it has been reported that billions of dollars in profits from oil have disappeared when it transitted through the public administration.


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