France in Mada: Jean-Marc Chataigner replaced by Jean-Christophe Belliard

Andry Rajoelina and Jean-Marc Chataigner
The French amabassador in Madagascar, Jean-Marc Chataigner, is leaving his position in Madagascar to become vice-executive officer to globalization at the foreign affairs Ministry in Paris. Jean-Marc Chataigner has been a prominent figure of the 2009 malagasy crisis, personifying France’s stand during the conflicts. He has always been involved in Rajoelina’s cause.

The new ambassador is Jean-Christophe Belliard, a french diplomat known for being tough on the edges. Belliard has been around the african continent, as ambassador of France in Ethiopy, and later as ambassador of France at the AU. He is seen as the Mr Africa of new french president François Hollande. Moving Belliard to Madagascar is a sign that France wants to keep a strong hold on Madagascar.

Source: Newsmada


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