Why did Andry Rajoelina visit Angola?

Rajoelina Dos SantosAfter attending last week’s meeting on “the state of the economy and global finances”, convened by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, Madagascar’s Interim President Andry Rajoelina met with Jose Eduardo dos Santos, President of Angola and current chairman of SADC. Rajoelina’s visit to Luanda in Angola was practically incognito as no statements regarding his 2 day mission were made to the press upon his departure or arrival.

Considering Rajoelina’s last mission to Luanda, before which he had already met with powerful Chinese groups investing in Angola, one could assume that Rajoelina’s most recent visit was done as a strategic attempt to establish stronger relations with Angola. Since Angola possess large reserves of oil and gas, and Madagascar is abundant in forest-based and mineral natural resources, there is certain commercial potential between the two countries. Considering this, could it be that the two Presidents discussed the possibility of collaborating their resources?

Source: Midi Madagasikara
Photo Credit: MadaGate


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