This weekend’s demonstration in Madagascar was peaceful

As Andry Rajoelina was at the UN headquarters mingling with Ban Ki-Moon and other high profiles, a few thousand people, led by radio host Lalatiana Rakotondrazafy, took it to the street. The purpose of the demonstration? Freedom of speech! Lalatiana Rakotondrazafy critizes the actual transitional government for being too harsh on its people, and for suppressing the people’s right to march down the streets and yell freedom messages.

A Flickr user, avylavitra (twitter), has snapped some pics and uploaded them online. From what I see from the tens of pages of pics uploaded, there doesn’t seem to be any police violence at all: The only tear gas picture we see do not seem to target anyone:

Mother and child walking through the police

Young lady chatting with the police

Crowd, but no violence

Place publique, no violence either

The only smoke-related picture, where there doesn’t seeem to be anyone targeted

Two watchers from the SADC, looking for non-existing evidences

Notice the irony:

Here we have a demonstrator pretending to be tied and unable to do his job

Here’s a colleague of his actually doing his job

There seems to be a dissonance there: we keep reading about demonstrations in Madagascar these past few weeks, with all critics directed towards the transitional government. However, all seems pretty normal when you look at the pics…


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