Pro-Ravalomanana congressmen suspend their activity until further notice

Mamy Rakotoarivelo

Mamy Rakotoarivelo is calling all members of the Ravalomanana party to suspend their government activities until the international community irons out what happened in the past few days.

Last Saturday, a pro-Ravalomanana march turned into an agitated showdown when the crowd started to flirt with security measures, resulting in the military pepper-spraying the crowd to break the mob down. Mamy Rakotoarivelo, president of the Congress of Madagascar, who was in the crowd on Saturday, was unfortunately hit by the tear gas. He is also summoned to the criminal trial court for his involvment in the mob. So yesterday, Mamy Rakotoarivelo stepped his foot down, declaring that the pro-Ravalomanana congressmen (57 out of 365) will be on hold until higher authorities share their views of the HTA’s management of the actual situation.

The decision came straight from exiled former president Marc Ravalomanana: “Government officals have been the target of tear gas… Cease all involvment in the transitional governement while waiting for the SADC’s standpoint”. Mamy Rakotoarivelo also denounces th criminal court’s summons to appear, as it is in direct violation with the SADC’s roadmap which requires that all politically-related arrests must be suspended.

The pro-Ravalomanana party is coming hard on the transitional government, trying everything it can to bring the former president back. It should be mentioned that, 3 years ago, when anti-Ravalomanana protesters marched on the Democracy plaza and infringed security measures, dozens were killed by the bullets of the army: Compared to this, tear gas is a much smoother and mellow way to break up a crowd.

Source: Madonline


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