Inauguration of the Mahabo-Morondava section of the RN35 highway

April 21, 2012 in Morondava, Capital of the Menabe Region, Andry Rajoelina inaugurated the rehabilitation of the Mahabo-Morondava section highway 35. To kick off the inauguration, a foot race of “solidarity and unity” was held. Andry Rajoelina joined the race with the local youth and political representatives as wells as famous athletes Rosa Rakotozafy, Augustin Ravaolahy and Jean de la Croix Mahatana. The route was 7km from the airport to the site of the ceremony in Morondava.

The festitivites continued with two popular singers of the island, Jerry Johns Marcoss and Farah. During his speech, Rajoelina thanked the international partners who have entrusted him to complete this project of public interest. The President recalled his visit on Sept. 21, 2010 when he pledged to take steps to rehabilitate roads in the area and expressed his pride and hope for economic avail,

“… I promised to rehabilitate the RN 35. Together we have a challenge and now we have achieved that goal. With several attractions such as Belo sur Mer, Akevo and Baobab Alley, Region Menabe is bound to have major advantages for the economic development regionally and nationally…”

The head of the Menabe Region, Faharo Ratsimbarison spoke and commended Rajoelina, “this day of 21 April 2012 is a day of truth. President Rajoelina has promised to rehabilitate this section of road between Morondava and Mahabo and he kept his promise. Since the beginning, we chose to follow the same route that the President of the Transition and we will continue.”

Source: MadagascarTribune, Andry Rajoelina Official Site


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