Andry and Mialy Rajoelina plant seeds for the first annual National Reforestation Day

For the first National Reforestation day, Andry Rajoelina accompanied by some government ministers, assisted in the planting of over 4500 seedlings of five different varieties. The selected varieties are fast-growing woods particularly suitable for the industrial needs of the country. The three samples of rosewood, 50 peronias, 500 ravintsaras, 1000 and 3000 Acacia mangiumeucalyptus were planted Andranovelona, a village in the district Ankazobe west of the capital. Rajoelina commented that the planting of trees is an environmental movement that will be sustained for future generations:

Madagascar has nearly 20 million inhabitants, if we each plant at least one tree per year, the country will increase by 20 million new trees per year. We must educate our friends and neighbors to join this action to provide a better environment to our future children.”

Source: Andry Rajoelina Official Site


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