The Troika to evaluate Madagascar’s steps of transition

Gert Grobler, the South African Ambassador of Madagascar

The Troika, a segment of the SADC, will measure the steps for the implementation of the Roadmap and is expected to vote on the differences between the signatory entities. Gert Grobler, the South African Ambassador or Madagascar, stated, “All steps taken will be reviewed, not just amnesty,” responding indirectly the the Ravalomanana dispute. The task of the Troika is to mediate disagreements within the regime on the application of provisions of the document intended to govern the transition. The meeting will also set the tone of the Government Council on April 24th to discuss the provisions of the Roadmap, including whether or not the “unconditional” return of political exiles will be allowed. There is discrepency between the parties on whether or not this is necessary. “We realized what he had to be done. All institutions are set up, with the exception of the Committee for the Malagasy fampihavanana and Special Electoral Court,” added Rakotomavo Lanto, vice president of the CST and president of the Tanora Malagasy Vonona party (TGV).

Source: All Africa


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