The Ravalomanana party forms an opposition alliance

Pierrot Botozaza, spokesperson of the new opposition alliance

The Ravalomanana party tries to form a coalition within the government as an opposition to Andry Rajoelina, the President of the Transition. Ministers of the Ravalomanana side, those from the Zafy party and those from the Madagasikara Otronin ‘ny Malagasy (Monima) approach to address the regimen’s allies. Pierrot Botozaza, Deputy Prime Minister of the economy and industry, became the spokesperson for the 3 political parties at the council of ministers held at Lavoloha yesterday. He demanded for the reinstatement of Joseph Randriamiarisoa, the fired Minister of environment and forests, and insisted on the implementation of Article 20 of the Roadmap referring to the return of political exiles without condition.

The alliance became obsolete after the singing of the Roadmap; Ratsiraka refusing to sign it and statement from Ambert Zafy lambasting the government caused the fall out. This time, ministers from the Zafy, the ravalomanana party and the party of former Prime Minister Monja Roidenfo seek to unite and form an alliance one again. The disorganized allegiance has already made an impact at the cabinet meeting by causing a ruckus. Andry Rajoelina reminded them of his prerogative to dismiss a member of the government and demanded a mutual respect within the executive committee.

Source: L’Express Madagascar


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