Madagascar’s first Airbus lands and brings opportunity for tourism and economy

Andry Rajoelina in front of the Airbus

Madagascar’s first Airbus300-340 plane, acquired by the transitional government, landed in Ivato on Thursday April 12th. According to Eric Kohler, President of the nation board of Tourism Office, the airbus will allow Madagascar to be placed on the international tourism market map. Andry Rajoelina was on the inaugural flight and spoke at the Naval Air base ceremony where he addressed the opponents and critisism, saying that this airplane is not for “politicians, nor the leaders, but for the Malagasy people.” The CEO of Air Madagascar, Hugues Ratsiferana, also explained the logic of choosing the Airbus over a Boeing as it being more efficient. He discussed that the Airbus has 25% more room for passengers, 50% more capacity in the loading area and that the aircraft is up to par with International standards including Europe and Asia. The CEO did not address the criticism that the length of the runway is not long enough for the Airbus.

Hugues Ratsiferana is prideful for the airbus and for the Malagasy; he stated that the market value of the plane is about 28 million dollars. Andry Rajoelina called for solidarity as the arrival of this new device, saying it is valuable and will enable Air Madagascar to regain its place in the Indian Ocean. He then urged all sectors to be more rigorous in efforts to improve services to clients.

Source: Madagate, Madagascar Tribune


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