Rajoelina will pick up Air Madagascar’s Airbus in Paris on April 9th

The president of the High Authority of Transition (HAT), Andry Rajoelina, says that TGV plans on traveling to Paris on April 9th to take official possession of an Airbus A340-300, leased by Air France. He may also participate in the first flight of this aircraft that is expected to land at the Ivato airport on April 11th. However, the plane will maintain its French registration and will be operated by Air France pilots. This is to avoid falling under the sanctions of the European Union against the Malagasy airlines, while meeting the conditions imposed by the French General Direction of Civil Aviation.

This Airbus will be placed on the route between Antananarivo and Europe. For liaisons with Asia, it will take until July when there will be a second delivery of an Airbus. Malagasy authorities hope that the EU will lift the sanction against Air Magagascar before the end of the year, which would allow the company full maintenance and management of the Airbus.

Source: African Intelligence


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