Marc Ravalomanana states that he does not need amnesty

Marc Ravalomanana

After the government’s adoption of the amnesty bill project, ex-president Marc Ravalomanana counter-attacks. He declared, “I have always said that I don’t need amnesty…only those who took power in an unfair manner need it.” The text that has been adopted thus far by the council of ministers, which will be presented to Parliament April 3rd, excludes offenses such as murder and assassination, which would affect Ravalomanana because of the case of “February 7th”.

Ravalomanana said in defense, “

“I thank the leaders who have opted for a general amnesty of the families of suffering prisoners. We must stop procrastinating and move forward in implementing the Roadmap, especially in the application of Article 20,”

referring to the provisions of the document which stipulates the “unconditional return” of political exiles.

The debate that will take place in Parliament will be tough and need clear discussions. Mamy Rakotoarivelo Congress President and Head of Delegation of the Ravalomanana, has provided further details on their position. “We ask ourselves who needs amnesty. Who gave the order to kill people on February 7 by sending them in front of the presidential palace, who was responsible for Black Monday .” He also denied that the party is concerned by the current draft of the amnesty bill.

Rakotomavo Lanto, Vice President of the Supreme Council of the transition and national secretary of Tanora Malagasy Vonona(TGV), specified, “This time, we have a text of the amnesty that meets international standards, which has never been the case.”

Source: L’Express Madagascar



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