Memorandum on the amnesty law by the SADC is submitted to the Malagasy

amnesty law

This Tuesday March 20, 2010, the President of the Transition of Madagascar officially handed over the copy of the report of the work of SADC on the draft amnesty law to several members in charge of its implementation.

Present for the receiving of this Memorandum were the Minister of Justice, Chiristine Razanamahasoa, the Minister of Relations with Institutions, Victor Manantsoa, and the Malagasy group of legal experts led by Special Adviser to the President Dieu Maharante. The panel of experts is composed of Laurette Lala Harinivo, Marc Ramanase, Honoré Rakotomanana, Imbiki Anaclet, et Firiana Ranesa.

Declaration of the President:

“This memorandum will allow the Malagasy side to advance towards an effective implementation of the Roadmap, particularly with regards to the amnesty. This is already a big step to ending the crisis. International experts were satisfied with your work.”

The memorandum submitted to the Malagasy is in English; it now must be translated in French and in Malagasy. The contribution of SADC allows the alignment of the amnesty law draft and the international legal standards.

Source: Andry.Rajoelina-tv


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