The legalist party of Madagascar show interest for the return of ex-president

Marc Ravalomanana legalist party
Ex-President Marc Ravalomanana

The “legalists” have chosen March 17, the anniversary of the departure of Marc Ravalomanana from power, to renew their loyalty to the former president, currently in exile in South Africa. Whatever the outcome of the current negotiations, they insist on the return of Ravalomanana to the country to be able to move forward and out of the political crisis.

Hanitra Razafimanantsoa has stressed that the return of Marc Ravalomanana remains the goal of the movement of his supporters. “The contents of the memorandum [of amnesty] is not yet known and nothing is official yet at the point of the SADC (Southern African Development) (…) But we will not stop until the President Marc Ravalomanana has returned,” she said on Saturday.

As previously conveyed, the Vice-President of the Supreme Council of the transition, following the Ravalomanana movement, wants to distinguish the case of the former President to the future beneficiaries of the amnesty law. She requests a halt of persecutions on behalf of her boss, referring to Article 16 of the Roadmap to end the crisis. “We have sought no amnesty for President Ravalomanana,” she said aloud.

On his part, the Minister of Livestock, Rolland Ravatomanga, explained that the silence of the leaders of the Ravalomanana movement is intended to demonstrate internationally that “…our President is determined to peacefully return to Madagascar without thinking of revenge.”

Vice President of the Congress of the transition, Stanislas Zafilahy Rakotomandimby, expressed his views of “blatant degradation of the situation since taking power by force, three years ago.” The Head of Delegation of the movement of negotiation to end the crisis says that Marc Ravalomanana should return without conditions.

Source: L’Express of Madagascar


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